111 Hertz® Sound Therapy

Hertz (Hz) = measurement of the number of sound vibrations in one second.

Our unique 111Hz® sound frequency therapy program has been in development since 2005. An audible low frequency bass sound tone, 111Hz® is lower male baritone in the human vocal range.

In modern society, there is an imbalance in everyday brain function, demonstrated by asymmetric left brain dominant neuronal activity, in particular in the prefrontal cortex. This is the practical or cognitive centre of the brain, home to the language centres, logic, analytic thought and linear processing. This imbalance can create issues in emotional processing which are particularly prevalent for symptoms found on the autistic spectrum.

Clinical trials have demonstrated a significant, positive change in human brain function within a few minutes of listening to 111Hz®. Neuronal activity in the left then shifts to the right, the brain’s creative and artistic centre and home to home to imagination, insight and music awareness.

During this reversal in baseline brain activity, theta brain waves are generated which are associated with deep relaxation, meditation and trance states. Theta wave production can have a tranquilizing effect for individuals who are suffering from anxiety. 111Hz® is also associated with endorphin release, the natural chemicals in the body that fight pain and can induce feelings of happiness and positivity.
Ian A. Cook, Sarah K. Pagot, Andrew F. Leuchter. UCLA, 2008. 

One of our music therapy projects featuring 111Hz® facilitated on NHS acute mental health wards was reported by New Scientist magazine volume 227 No. 3038 p.36-39

‘Why music therapy is making a comeback’.